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NEWS: ASEAN: Joint Initiative To Curb Drug Trade

Governments of the ASEAN political and economic community in South-East Asia have committed to joint efforts for preventing harm caused by illicit drugs in the region. Part of the effort is to establish Asean-Narco, based at the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) in Thailand. Asean Narcotics Cooperation Centre (Asean-Narco)  will be established to… Read more »

BLOG: Open Letter To President Barack Obama: The Notorious Comparison Of Alcohol And Marijuana, And The Most Important Aspect That Is Conspicuously Absent

We think the issue of drug and alcohol policy will be a big part of your legacy as President, potentially undermining your goals of building a sustainable health care system, of putting the economy on track towards sustainability and of giving every young American a fair shot at the American dream…

BLOG: Civil Society And Illicit Drugs

From my perspective I can see that a group of civil society people – with rich donors and vast economic interests behind them – promoting not only decriminalizing but legalization of marijuana and a number of Harm Reduction Organizations are very active to raise the question of the UN Conventions on Drugs. When listening to representatives from different regions, there seems to be no public support for this and most likely we will see status quo. But there’s a lot of fuzz.

BLOG: Alcohol Dependencies A Global Issue

Alcoholism and alcohol dependencies need more attention and concern especially since alcohol use kills more people than illicit drugs and because alcohol is the socially most harmful drug…