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NEWS: Child’s First 8 Years Critical For Prevention

United States: National Institutes of Health (NIH) releases summary of research on early childhood risk and protective factors. A child’s first eight years critical for substance abuse prevention. An online guide about interventions in early childhood that can help prevent drug use and other unhealthy behaviors was launched today by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), part of the NIH. The guide offers research-based principles that affect a child’s self-control and overall mental health, starting during pregnancy through the eighth year of life. It recognizes that while substance use generally begins during the teen years, it has known biological, psychological, social, and environmental roots that begin even before birth…

BLOG: Alcohol Industry Out Of Touch With Reality

One fact is that the alcohol industry is out of touch with reality. It’s words, talking points and PR messages are grotesquely different from its actions and impact on the world.