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NEWS: Panama Papers: Free Trade Not So Free

Panama Papers Provide More Proof That Free Trade Might Really Not Be So Free After all. In an Op-Ed for Truth Out, Michael Winship, Moyers & Company write about how Presidents Clinton (remember NAFTA) and Obama (TTIP and TPPA) have worked to “give America a trade policy that has devastated the working class but made the rich much more wealthy.”

NEWS: Japanese Minister: No Deal Next TPPA Talks

No deal at next TPPA talks is expected, according to a Japanese Minister, which is to extend negotiations for years. The Japanese minister in charge of negotiations for a Pacific Rim free trade initiative (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, TPPA) said that talks on the free trade deal will not be concluded anytime soon if the 12 member countries fail to strike an accord at an upcoming meeting starting late September.

BLOG: Facing Crisis We Must Be Human

We do not own this world. We share it. The issue whether the refugees are welcome or not, is not a question. Of course they are welcome to enter another part of the world. Another part of their home. Because the world is home of all human beings and the borders are just a human construct…

BLOG: In Asia Cooperation Beyond Borders For Alcohol Control

From 22 to 24 July 2014 Parliamentarians and civil society representatives get together in Colombo, Sri Lanka in order to discuss policies to control and prevent harm caused by alcohol and tobacco. Democracy in action. Dialogue beyond borders. Heart-driven towards life set free…

BLOG: Alcoholism Needs A Debate In American Society

Seventy six million Americans, about 43% of the U.S. adult population, have been exposed to alcoholism in the family. Almost one in five adult Americans (18%) lived with an alcoholic while growing up. Roughly one in eight American adult drinkers is alcoholic or experiences problems due to the use of alcohol. The cost to society is estimated at in excess of $166 billion each year. There are an estimated 26.8 million COAs in the United States. Preliminary research suggests that over 11 million are under the age of 18…