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BLOG: The Long Journey To Alcohol Policy In Uganda

A compelling story about the journey to the recently adopted national alcohol policy in Uganda – one of the countries with the highest rates of alcohol consumption and related harm in the world.
It’s a story of inspiring civil society dedication and efforts. It’s a story of aggressive (and continuing) alcohol industry interference. It’s a story of trial and error, success and failure.
David chronicles a decade-long fight and looks into the future for alcohol control in Uganda…

NEWS: Uganda: 11 Companies Violate Sachet Alcohol Ban

11 out of 26 alcohol producing companies have not yet complied with the Ugandan government’s ban on production and sale of alcohol in sachets.
The alcohol industry in Uganda has not only failed to fully comply with the alcohol sachet ban (production and sale), it also uses the opportunities to engage with the ministry of trade to lobby against evidence-based and WHO recommended alcohol policy measures (SAFER package), like the recently instituted alcohol tax…

BLOG: Towards Alcohol Laws In Gulu: Low Hanging Fruit?

Armed with the collection of our community’s stories about the impact of alcohol, we sat outside the office of Gulu’s District Chairperson. We waited amongst a mixed assortment of people: three Ugandan men in fancy suits, an Indian man clutching some business cards, a woman in a frayed skirt and bare feet…

NEWS: Ivory Coast: Government Bans Alcohol Sachets

Ivory Coast bans sale of alcohol sachets as they contribute to massive harm
Ivory Coast’s government has banned the production, importation and sale of strong spirits in small and cheap sachets.
Often illegally produced, the brews sold in plastic sachets are already banned in Sub-Saharan countries like Cameroon, Malawi and Senegal…

NEWS: Uganda: Alcohol Sachets Election Issue

News reports in Uganda sound the alarm: Alcohol sachets election issue – but not in the way advocates for public health and sustainable development might wish.
In 50 days Uganda will hold Presidential elections and in the run-up to election day the nine candidates running for office are gearing up their campaigns. Campaigns, however, have now come under intense scrutiny for their use of alcohol, namely waragi…