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NEWS: Australia: Urgent Calls For Action On Alcohol Ads

Civil society, health promotion groups and federal Members of Parliament from all parties have called for legislation on alcohol marketing after release of the Alcohol Advertising Review Board 2014-15 Annual Report. The report of the Alcohol Advertising Review Board (AARB), administered by health organisations and chaired by Professor Fiona Stanley AC, provides further evidence that self-regulation of alcohol advertising is ineffective and that many alcohol companies are ignoring concerns about young people’s exposure to alcohol ads through sport, television and online marketing.

NEWS: Alcohol Labeling Is Failing

A new study revelas: Australia’s current system of alcohol warning labels is failing to effectively convey health messages to the public. Researchers of Deakin University’s School of Psychology analysed awareness of the voluntary warning labels and examined recognition of the ‘Get the facts’ logo that is supposed to direct alcohol consumers to the alcohol industry-led informational website DrinkWise. The scientists also studied whether alcohol consumers actually visited this website.

NEWS: Australia: Children Inundated By Alcohol Ads

A new Australian study has found that children who love to watch sport on television are more likely to get exposed to alcohol ads than those who watch non-sport TV. These new findings are questioning the effectiveness of advertising regulations designed to protect children.

NEWS: Needed: Overhaul Alcohol Advertising Rules

Australian researchers are calling on the Federal Government to overhaul alcohol advertising regulations as companies change the way they operate in marketing and target consumers through social media. In a time where young people spend more time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, experts said the self-regulatory code by the alcohol industry was not enough to protect youth…

NEWS: UK: MTV Heavily Criticized For Alcohol Ads

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the UK’s regulator of advertising across all media whose members are drawn from the advertising industry, has taken issue with MTV after 22 alcohol adverts appeared in eight episodes of Geordie Shore, a reality TV show, December 2014…

BLOG: Importing Alcohol Harm Via Diplomats, Big Alcohol

As Indian government official step up enforcement of rules governing alcohol import, multinational corporations are found to violate basic laws. The impasse at the customs is utilised by foreign diplomats who are bootlegging their alcohol…
We see illegal and shameful behaviour that imports alcohol harm into our country…

BLOG: Newest Low: Retailer Claims Alcohol Ads Are Good For Children

Woolworths, Australia’s largest packaged liquor retailer, was responding to criticism that advertising material at the store might encourage under-age alcohol use. And in that very submission they reached a new low point in putting profits over Human Rights:
Woolworths made the claim that exposing children to alcohol advertising helps protect them from ”the seductive powers of capitalism”.