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BLOG: Alcohol Policy A Gateway To Development In Ghana

Ghana has since long been poised to adopt an alcohol act but that gateway to development, prosperity and well-being has been effectively blocked by Big Alcohol. Cynically, Big Alcohol profits have not made any meaningful contribution to the social development and economy of African countries because a lot of the income is taken abroad by the global alcohol corporations. The money leaves and leaves behind a continuity of poverty, crime and many more social ills…

BLOG: Portman Group Boasts New Self-Regulations As Evidence Mounts About Their Failing

It is 2013, 21st century, and after years of social responsibility campaigns the alcohol industry still believes it is good news to come out in an obvious promotion article and proclaim they now put an end to sexualising and objectifying women in their marketing…

BLOG: Alcohol Policy In Europe Where Is It Headed?

It is in this time of crisis that might burden generations to come, that we all who work on alcohol policy within civil society organisations, universities and public authorities need to ask ourselves honestly: are we part of the problem, possibly? And where can we look to find better solutions?

I think it’s time for civil society to take decisive action, to stand up for democracy in Europe and a society of well-being and health, driven by the people…

NEWS: Big Alcohol Exposed: DrinkWise Merely Industry Puppet

A new study has revealed how the alcohol industry is using its Drinkwise organisation to create an impression of social responsibility while promoting measures for which there is little evidence of impact and are unlikely to hurt profits. A research team from Deakin University’s School of Psychology examined submissions to the Australian National Preventative Health Taskforce (NPHT) to determine which organisations or individuals discussed positive relationships or work by Drinkwise. They found that all the submissions mentioning Drinkwise were submitted by the alcohol industry or its affiliates as evidence of their social responsibility or in recommending actions that are likely to benefit their bottom line.