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NEWS: Cancer Risk Surges When Smoking Mixed With Alcohol

According to new guidance provided by the The Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP), cancer risk increases significantly when smoking and consuming alcohol occur together.
The guide for medics, called “Alcohol and Cancer Risks: A Guide for Health Professionals” states smokers who use alcohol are 30 times more likely to get mouth or throat cancer than those who use tobacco or alcohol alone…

NEWS: IAS Podcast on Scotland MUP Compliance

Following on from NHS Health Scotland’s evaluation that minimum unit pricing legislation is being effectively enforced, this episode of the IAS podcast looks at the ways in which this is being done.
Dr Peter Rice from Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) describes how the Scottish legal enforcement framework operates, such as the role of Licensing Standards Officers in offering expertise and mediation to license owners, and the frameworks basis in previous compliance schemes such as test purchases.

NEWS: Scottish Courts Uphold Alcohol MUP

Plans to set a minimum unit price for alcohol (MUP) in Scotland have been backed by the Scottish courts. The Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled against a challenge by the Scotch whisky industry. The alcohol industry contended that the plans were a breach of European Law. The ruling now paves the way for the Scottish government to implement its policy. The MUP policy had already been passed by the Scottish Parliament in 2012…

NEWS: MUP Not Precluded By EU Law

European Court of Justice advocate general Yves Bot said in an official opinion that the Minimum Unit Pricing policy, intended to be introduced in Scotland and other European countries, is not precluded by EU law.
In the official opinion, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) said Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) would only be legal if it could be shown that no other mechanism could deliver the desired public health benefits. He also cautioned that MUP risked infringing EU rules on free trade and the principle of free movement of goods…

NEWS: European Commissioner Blasts Big Alcohol

European Commissioner for Health Mr Andriukaitis has fiercely criticized alcohol industry lobbyists and spoke passionately about alcohol-related deaths. Commissioner Andriukaitis lamented the influence of powerful corporate lobbyists for the alcohol industry this week, calling them “blind” to the premature deaths of their customers. Much of the commissioner’s remarks focused on alcohol, and Andriukaitis, a doctor by training, had harsh words for corporate interests. He said the sensitive issues of pricing, marketing and labeling should all be addressed at the EU level.