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BLOG: So Much Pleasure – ll

In a preceding post (‘So Much Pleasure…’ – Jan 18th 2013) I pointed to recent ‘scientific’ brain studies explaining the mechanisms of pleasure in alcohol. Even without these sophisticated studies, our shared beliefs and rituals have already taught us that alcohol intoxication provides fantastically pleasant feelings. But we now have impressive science to confirm this… Read more »

BLOG: Keeping the Momentum Alive for Saving Lives

We need to continue down this path of fighting NCDs, using the cost-effective Best Buys that tackle major risk factors like alcohol use. NCDs are a huge burden on the economic productivity and the societal development of nations worldwide. And NCDs really keep human beings worldwide in the prison of poverty. So, alcohol harm as one major risk factor must be prevented and reduced, through banning alcohol marketing, increasing the price and reducing the availability. All that brings more freedom.

BLOG: Introducing the IOGT International World Channel for news, insights and flash updates

I am proud to introduce the IOGT International World Channel. It is our freshest way of communicating with you and we hope that using this medium more often will give you better possibilities to join our work, contribute, spread, discuss and shape it.
We are heart-driven experts on Human Rights, Development, Health promotion and the prevention of the harms of alcohol and other drugs.

BLOG: What Uefa knows, that Fifa doesn’t…

In a couple of months, Europe will once again enjoy the big party of a European Football Championship, this time hosted by both Poland and Ukraine.

June will be dedicated to this tournament, where 16 countries compete for one title and Millions of viewers, supporters and fans from all over the continent will make it an unforgettable event.

To make sure that everybody truly can enjoy the game of football, the performances of the stars and the atmosphere in and around the stadiums, the decision-makers in both hosting countries are taking their responsibility.