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NEWS: UN Secretary-General Calls for Solidarity with Africa

At the launch of United Nations (UN) policy brief on the impact of COVID-19 in Africa the UN Secretary General António Guterres called for global solidarity with Africa. Analysis shows that at least three of the seven urgent challenges outlined by the UN are directly related to alcohol…

BLOG: Young Progressives Are The Biggest Hypocrites

Alcohol is a social justice issue, maybe the biggest social justice issue that keeps being ignored. The question is: Where are all the progressives?
In his provocative and powerful blog post, Filip turns to people who claim to fight for justice and solidarity, asking: Where are you, democratic socialists? Where are you left-wing oriented activists? This permanently present question in the fight against the alcohol industry is still echoing without answers…

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BLOG: Why NOT To Call It “Social Distancing”

Even though opinion leaders and decision-makers and so many people are using the term “social distancing” we must ask what the concept actually means.
In their timely and eloquent blog post, Sanela and Matej are answering the question of the moment: why NOT to call our collective experience “social distancing”. And they offer a much better solution for how to talk about our reality during the COVID-19 crisis measures…