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BLOG: Myanmar: Carlsberg To Be Sued Over Copyright Violation

This week, news broke that the family of a late and beloved Burmese composer is now preparing a lawsuit against Carlsberg for their use of Myoma’s song title on their product, Tuborg beer. This story is an instructive case example of how Big Alcohol operates to push their products into every aspect of every society around the world…

BLOG: Human Rights Day. Let’s Talk About Love, Rumours and Intrigues.

How to make this blog entry interesting? Love. Rumours. Intrigues. Yes I will write about all that. Love. It is a Human Rights Day today. It is a day where the love of humanity won over any other needs and interests. It is a day where we officially say that all people of this planet… Read more »

NEWS: Cambodia: Alcohol Bill To Protect Youth

The Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Cambodia is in the process of drafting a law to prevent and reduce alcohol harm by reducing alcohol consumption.
The new law would not only ban sales of alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. It is also designed to put in place higher taxes on alcohol sales. Civil society campaigners for public health, development and democracy say the government should also require alcohol vendors to obtain liquor licenses. Alcohol harm is an obstacle to development in Cambodia…

NEWS: ASEAN: Joint Initiative To Curb Drug Trade

Governments of the ASEAN political and economic community in South-East Asia have committed to joint efforts for preventing harm caused by illicit drugs in the region. Part of the effort is to establish Asean-Narco, based at the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) in Thailand. Asean Narcotics Cooperation Centre (Asean-Narco)  will be established to… Read more »

BLOG: Regulating Alcohol On Agenda In Cambodia

In 2007, when we started our alcohol policy work in Cambodia together with our awesome member organisation PDP-Center, we were really not sure where this work would lead us. But yesterday, seven years later, I had the precious opportunity and tremendous privilege to witness our long-term work bearing fruits.
Should Cambodia move ahead with the draft as envisioned today, it would surely assume a leadership role in the regional cooperation within ASEAN…

BLOG: 68th World Congress Since 1851

It will be for the first time ever in our more than 160-year history that we’ll be in Asia – more precisely in Cha Am, Thailand. A truly historic event that the hosts IOGT Thailand and Stop Drink Network are really looking forward to.
We will enjoy a combination of congressional session with seminars and workshops, as well as other kinds of stimulating and inspiring meetings to give every participants a good sense of the breadth and the depth of our worldwide, heart-driven work towards life set free.
And of course we will immerse ourselves in the Thai culture and traditions…