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NEWS: The Americas: 1st Alcohol Status Report

The first Regional Status Report on Alcohol and Health in the Americas was released today by the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO). The report warns that alcohol use and harm have increased in the Americas over a five-year period and recommends measures to limit availability, restrict marketing, and raise prices of alcohol by increasing taxes…

NEWS: UNICEF: Limit Ads Of Unhealthy Foods, Drinks Targeting Kids

Unicef calls to limit advertising of unhealthy foods and beverages to children. The study analysed national laws in the 32 countries of the region. It concluded that only 10 countries have put regulations in place to limit advertising of junk food and beverages to children…

NEWS: The Americas: New Task Force Tackling NCDs

PAHO/WHO and the OAS launch new Inter-American Task Force on NCDs to accelerate multisectoral action to combat Non-communicable diseases New task force will provide policy advice and technical assistance to strengthen country capacity and promote action across all sectors to prevent premature deaths from Non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The group of agencies concerned about the burden… Read more »