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NEWS: Panama Papers: Free Trade Not So Free

Panama Papers Provide More Proof That Free Trade Might Really Not Be So Free After all. In an Op-Ed for Truth Out, Michael Winship, Moyers & Company write about how Presidents Clinton (remember NAFTA) and Obama (TTIP and TPPA) have worked to “give America a trade policy that has devastated the working class but made the rich much more wealthy.”

NEWS: TPPA Hands Control To World’s Wealthiest

Sujata Dey, Trade campaigner at the Council of Canadians, has published a fantastic blog post in The Huffington Post about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, that is bound to be signed – but that can still be stopped, for example by the newly elected Canadian government, whose international trade minister Chrystia Freehand once wrote a book called “Plutocrats: the Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else”. Sujata Dey examines how TPPA is set to hand over power to the wealthiest people in the world and investigates whether Minister Freehand is living up to the lessons of her own book, or not…

NEWS: Japanese Minister: No Deal Next TPPA Talks

No deal at next TPPA talks is expected, according to a Japanese Minister, which is to extend negotiations for years. The Japanese minister in charge of negotiations for a Pacific Rim free trade initiative (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, TPPA) said that talks on the free trade deal will not be concluded anytime soon if the 12 member countries fail to strike an accord at an upcoming meeting starting late September.

BLOG: Solidarity Even In Free Trade Talks

On International Human Solidarity Day we praise unity in diversity and we challenge governments to harness the power of their people and to live up to their commitments in international agreements, for example in FTAs and the TPP…