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NEWS: Trade: UK Pushes Myanmar to Weaken Alcohol Control

The UK is changing its trade policy with Myanmar and pushing for more market liberalization including for alcohol. Importing alcohol is currently banned in the country…

REPORT: Trade Challenges at the World Trade Organization to National Noncommunicable Disease Prevention Policies

Policy makers appear to face significant pressure to design food, beverage, and tobacco regulations that other countries will deem consistent with trade rules. Trade-related influence on public health policy is likely to be understated by analyses limited to formal trade disputes…

OPEN LETTER: Opposing to TPP Fast-Track in the USA

Joint Open Letter by NGO Coalition to the US Congress: Opposing to TPP Fast-Track in the USA.
“We request that you oppose any legislation that would renew fast-track or trade promotion authority. Agreements such as the TPP require transparency  and input from all affected stakeholders, and a fast-track process would not permit Congress to provide that essential feedback …”