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NEWS: Infectious Diseases: Looming Epidemic In Russia

Last year, approximately 95,000 people were newly infected with HIV in Russia. It’s the only region in the world where the HIV/ AIDS epidemic continues to spread. Frequent places for contracting viruses of infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis and HIV are prisons, where a perfect storm seems to be gathering driving a massive epidemic…

BLOG: What Uefa knows, that Fifa doesn’t…

In a couple of months, Europe will once again enjoy the big party of a European Football Championship, this time hosted by both Poland and Ukraine.

June will be dedicated to this tournament, where 16 countries compete for one title and Millions of viewers, supporters and fans from all over the continent will make it an unforgettable event.

To make sure that everybody truly can enjoy the game of football, the performances of the stars and the atmosphere in and around the stadiums, the decision-makers in both hosting countries are taking their responsibility.