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MEMBER NEWS: Uganda: UYDEL Brings Attention to Alcohol Awareness Month

Our members from the Uganda Youth Development Link (UDEYL) worked heart-driven in bringing national attention to the Alcohol Awareness Month – April in Uganda.In lieu of the awareness month, Apofia Nabirye, a former beneficiary and peer educator of UYDEL, shared her story on recovery from alcohol use to NTV…

BLOG: Uganda And The New Alcohol Control Bill 2016

A new Alcohol Control Bill has been drafted by a small committee chaired by Betty Nambooze, a member of parliament (MP) to be presented as a private members bill. This is a truly historic and ground-breaking process in my country. Since 1962 when the first Alcohol law was drafted and passed into law as the British Colonialists were existing Uganda, nothing on this scale has been done in Uganda to control alcohol. Most actions by the government have been piecemeal work especially concerning alcohol taxation. And so obviously the impact of these measures has been very minimum in the last decades…

BLOG: Needed: Better Alcohol Policy To Protect Youth

Video blog: Uganda in particular and the East African region in general are in dire need of better alcohol policies and high-impact, evidence-based laws regulating alcohol. We need it in order to protect our young and vulnerable…

BLOG: myIOGT – IOGT Is What Our Members Make Of It

Our members and Member Organization are the heart of IOGT International and the “myIOGT – Life Set Free Together” campaign offers a platform and channel to them all to express what IOGT means to them and to indicate where IOGT International should go, headed into the future. It consists of two pillars, and each pillar consists of two elements.
1) The bond between each member and IOGT International
1.1) Photographs of members worldwide on the topic.
1.2) Short films about our members, their stories and their life with IOGT.

2) The democratic mechanism – it is our members and Member Organisations who make IOGT International
2.1) You decide what IOGT International does in the future (2015 – 2018)
The Plan of Action, the thematic and geographic focus areas, our policy positions concerning alcohol policy as well narcotic drug policy.
2.2) One of the highlights of the World Congress 68 is the Exhibition Promising Practices.
The idea is simple: in an open space, much like a fair or market place, every Member Organisation present at World Congress 68 will be exhibiting one or some of their projects, activities, campaigns that they are most proud of – that they think is a Promising Practice, to be shared with the IOGT family…

BLOG: IOGT Keeps Growing

“To be honest I feel honoured to be a member of IOGT and to me it is like a dream come true for sure.” (Farida, Cradle of Hope) As new organisations join, IOGT gets stronger and better and together we roll with greater momentum towards life set free…

BLOG: Travels And Capacity-Building

Days #2, #3 and #4, #5 featured extensive reflections on alcohol marketing, an exciting and successful advocacy strategy workshop, a field trip to the outskirts of Kampala, more travels and much more that doesn’t find room in a single blog entry…