Brain Society conducted a ” Women For Prevention ” workshop on March 15, 2017, in Thrissur Dist, Kerala, India…

Brain Society In India: Women For Prevention Workshop

Brain Society conducted a ” Women For Prevention ” workshop on March 15, 2017, in Thrissur Dist, Kerala, India.

55 women from 20 Self-Help groups participated in the capacity-building workshop.

The main aim of the workshop was mobilizing women against illicit production of alcohol.

The illicit production of alcohol is a major problem in rural areas of Mala. The government of Kerala has taken steps to prohibit liquor shops and thereby reduce the availability of alcohol. But unfortunately illicit production is still a problem.

Illicit producers attract women by offering high wages for making illegal alcohol.

Brain society plans to organize a series of awareness programmes and capacity-building workshops for women in the coming months in order to reduce illicit production of alcohol and protect women from alcohol harm.

Source Website: Brain Society