Recently, Junis – a child rights organization in Sweden and member of Movendi International – had the chance to present their unique and innovative work to the Royal Family.

Recently, Junis, a member organization of Movendi International, met with and presented their work to the Swedish royal family.

The foundation run by the Crown Princess couple donated funds to Junis Umeå in 2021. Next year, the foundation will be funding to develop Junis sport in Jämtland and Östergötland. Therefore, the Crown Princess couple wanted to know more about Junis as an organization.

The digital meeting with the royal couple took place on December 3, 2021. In addition to Junis president Mona Örjes and general secretary Joakim Lundqvist, three people from Junis Umeå’s operations participated: Jörgen Törngren, outgoing operations manager, Karim Kashef, 12 years old member of Junis Umeå, and Hanane Dahmane, mother of Junis members and new leader in the activities.

Junis presented their work to the royal couple, showcasing their activities, a short film and what Junis stands for as an organization. They shared stories from children talking about their experiences of what it is like to be a member and leader in Junis.

The Crown Princess couple were curious and committed, and asked many questions,” said Mona Örjes, Junis president, as per Accent.

Mona Örjes, president, Junis

Junis is a children’s rights organization in Sweden. They are located with clubs throughout the country and provide opportunities for fun and developing leisure activities where the children themselves can be involved and decide. The activities takes place in a sober environment with committed and trained leaders.

Source Website: Accent