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IOGT Anniversary Flagship Event 2016

Apr 22 '16

Alcohol-free! Lifestyle of 21st century


On any given year, 62% of the world’s adult population chooses to enjoy life free from alcohol.

In the United States, roughly 30% of the adult population lives alcohol-free on any given year. Additionally, 14% are infrequent alcohol consumers. These two facts signify the tremendous potential for an innovative move- ment gathering around the idea of an alcohol-free lifestyle.

At the same 16 million American adults had an alcohol use disorder in 2013, but only 1.3 million of them received treatment.

Stigmatization attached to alcohol problems, social marginalization of the alcohol-free lifestyle, alcohol-related myths and the powerful in uen- ce of Big Alcohol on cultural norms and customs are all obstacles to both facilitating treatment and recovery as well as enjoyment and promotion of an alcohol-free lifestyle.

In recent years and months, an impactful and increasingly vocal recovery movement has emerged on the political as well as broader societal scene in the United States. The Unite To Face Addiction manifestation in the nations capital last year is a landmark achievement.

The recovery movement is a force to reckon with generating a number of social goods for the wider society.

Innovative concept

This innovative workshop brings together leaders from the recovery movement and the wider grass-roots movement for the promotion and celebration of an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Together we explore strategic questions that are decisive for the future success of these converging movements:

  • Who is and what are the key messages for the recovery movement in 2016 and going forward?
  • What does it mean to live alcohol-free in the 21st century? Is there a case for a narrative and what would be the bene t?
  • What are the obstacles to ending stig- ma of addiction in the 21st century?
  • What are the windows of opportuni- ty to add momentum to the growing movement for an alcohol-free life- style?

Visionary conversation

This strategic workshop brings together innovative thought-leaders, ground-breaking doers, and authoritative experts from the fields of recovery, health promotion, and lifestyle celebration.

We gather for a half-day workshop, to explore and investigate three inter-linked topics, each introduced by an outstanding key note speaker:

  1. Momentum and appeal of the recovery movement
  2. The meaning and attractiveness of an alcohol-free lifestyle in the 21st century
  3. Windows of opportunity for engagement and promotion

Your Invitation

Screenshot 2016-02-26 21.54.14DATE: April 22, 2016

TIME: 09.00 AM – 1.00 PM

PLACE: UN AIDS Headquarter, 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017



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We invite you to join us for this innovative and strategic conversation, in an inspiring environment.


Apr 22 '16


United Nations Plaza, New York, NY, United States
United Nations Plaza, New York, NY, United States United States