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July 4, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Every month, Movendi International invites all members for an online capacity building and exchange webinar and virtual discussion on key topics. This month’s webinar will focus on the powerful intersection of art, community development, and alcohol prevention.

Art can be a catalyst for social change, promoting social justice, awareness, and action in your community and beyond. It can be a powerful tool to raise awareness about health issues and social challenges, particularly those related to alcohol. By conveying messages in a compelling and relatable manner, art can effectively support alcohol prevention initiatives and promote an alcohol-free way of living.

This webinar aims to explore how art can be utilized to engage communities, drive social change, and support alcohol prevention initiatives and promotion of an alcohol-free way of living.

We will provide a space to present and spotlight the projects and initiatives of our member organizations in using art for these purposes. Participants will have the opportunity to delve into various strategies and methodologies, learning how to harness the creative potential of art to foster community engagement and address critical social issues, especially those related to alcohol prevention.


  1. Showcase successful art-based initiatives that have made a positive impact on community engagement and alcohol awareness.
  2. Empower member organizations on how to utilize art and how to integrate art into their community development and alcohol prevention efforts.
  3. Facilitate the exchange of ideas, strategies, and best practices among members to inspire and empower their ongoing and future projects.


15:00 – 15:05. Introduction and welcome

15:05 – 15:35: Presentation by member organisations:

  • Divyadharshan and David George, Fourth Wave Foundation, India presenting their model of working with communities using arts
  • Eric Omondi, SCAD, Kenya, presenting organisation’s experience in empowering young people and demonstrating how art can effectively support alcohol prevention initiatives and promote an alcohol-free way of living.
  • Nedim Pripoljac, CEM, Bosnia and Herzegovina, presenting their projecttheatre play “HIDDEN SHADOWS” and how it underscores the role that alcohol often plays in gender-based violence.

15:35– 14:40. Comments and discussion

14:40 – 14:50. Kristina Sperkova, Movendi International – Be Loud for change campaign and how music can be used in raising awareness about the link between alcohol and cancer and call on politicians to act.

15:55– 16:00. Final remarks