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Sep 8 '15

EURAD is organising a conference on behalf of ACTIS to encourage civil society participation in the UNGASS 2015 process.


To inform and mobilise civil society stakeholders in the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Drug Policy (UNGASS) which is seen as a pivotal review of global drug policy.

The conclusions from the event will be a component of the Regional Civil Society Consultation Process for the UNGASS.


  1. Astrid Nøklebye-Heiberg (State Secretary, Norway)
  2. Jean-Luc Lemahieu (Director of Policy, UNODC)
  3. Elsa Maia (Policy Officer, Anti-Drugs Unit, European Commission)
  4. Professor Thomas Clausen (University of Oslo)
  5. Rune Solberg Swahn (Detective Chief Inspector, Oslo Police)
  6. Ola Røed Bilgrei (Researcher, SIRUS), Dag Engdal (FORUT)
  7. Judith Ulrisch (GIZ)
  8. Anne Skjelmerud (NORAD)
  9. Fay Watson (EURAD)
  10. Kenneth Arctander (RIO)
  11. Mina Gerhardsen (Actis).

Target Audience

Academics, Think Tanks, Political Parties, Political Representatives, Civil Society Organisations


Sep 8 '15


Thon Hotel Opera, Dronning Eufemias gate, Oslo, Norway
Thon Hotel Opera, Dronning Eufemias gate, Oslo, Norway United States