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Jun 23 '22, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Zero and Low Alcohol Beverages: Real Improvement or Apparent Solution?


June 23, 2022


1:30 PM – 3:00 PM Central European Time (CET)


WHO’s Zoom platform


Zero and low-alcohol beverages (NoLos) consumption has been significantly growing during the last years, although it accounts for a small market share. NoLos could generate significant health improvements at the individual level if it leads to reduced levels of alcohol consumption. However, NoLos consumers are disproportionately young, men, and higher income. Furthermore, some drinkers appeared to consume NoLos in addition to stronger drinks.

At the population level, evidence of the benefits of this expanding market is limited. Experts have raised concerns about the impact of NoLos in reducing the harm caused by alcohol consumption and the possible drawbacks and implications. For example, NoLos may include zero and low alcohol content, misleading minors, pregnant women, abstainers, or those seeking to stop drinking.

The fragmented and inconsistent governance of NoLo products, including their regulation on standards, labeling and marketing across countries, raises concerns about managing the risks associated with the NoLos consumption.

The contribution of NoLos as a harm reduction approach and their overall contribution to reducing alcohol-related harm is unclear given the low market share, irregular consumption pattern, and the high proportion of consumers reporting no change in alcohol consumption.

Many other issues remain unsettled: implications of NoLos branded and displayed close to their main alcoholic beverages; are NoLos a new drinking behavior that would lead to an actual decrease in alcohol consumption; what data is needed to scope the problem and its implications for public health?

This webinar aims at raising awareness about NoLos by untapping their potential and hidden pitfalls, scoping existing policy and regulatory gaps, and identifying potential harm and public health measures to address a future increase in NoLos consumption.

The target audience includes Government officials, civil society associations, researchers, local authorities, consumer associations, and the general public.

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Jun 23 '22
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
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