World Assembly for Community Action on Alcohol

May 11 '22, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The 2nd WACAA meeting is dedicated to discuss the draft WHO global alcohol action plan and share community perspectives. To facilitate productive conversations, preparatory questions will be circulated.
We will explore communities' analysis of the action plan: Does it have any added value for the community level? Does it have the potential to facilitate positive change in communities? Are there concerning and/ or promising elements in the action plan, from a community perspective?
Are there elements that are totally missing? The discussion of these and other questions will seek to co-create knowledge of and understanding for community experiences and know-how in alcohol policy as they relate to the WHO Global Alcohol Action Plan.
The discussion will generate key messages to be delivered to the World Health Assembly on behalf of the participants in order to make community perspectives heard and claim space in the policy discussion.