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Nov 14 '22, 8:00 AM - 11:00 AM

World Assembly for Community Action on Alcohol (WACAA) 3rd Meeting

Communities’ Role in the WHO Global Alcohol Action Plan: Implementation, Accountability, Change

This unique event gathers organisations from all over the world that are working directly in communities on a grass root level, having the first hand experience of harm caused by the products and practices of the alcohol industry. At the same time, it is the communities that are first to experience the effects and effectiveness of measures to prevent and reduce alcohol related harm.

For the third WACAA we will reconnect, revisit our position on the new WHO Global Alcohol Action Plan (GAAP), we will share experience of those who have already used the Global Alcohol Action Plan in their work and we will discuss how to hold our governments accountable in the GAAP implementation process.

WACAA is an open and shared space for all community activists and groups worldwide working to prevent and reduce alcohol harm. This gathering is open to organisations working at the local level and/ or supporting community level action.

People, groups, and organisations that are funded or have any other ties to the alcohol industry front groups and public relations organizations have a conflict of interest and are not eligible to participate.

The third WACAA meeting takes places on


November 14, 2022


8.00-11.00 Central European Time




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Download the flyer and program, here.


Communities’ Role in the WHO Global Alcohol Action Plan: Implementation, Accountability, Change

Description and program


The 3rd WACAA session is divided into three sections. Session 1 is a short presentation and sessions 2 and 3 are interactive discussions, in breakout groups and with the help of innovative tools.

  1. What is the global alcohol policy situation?
    1. Where are we and how did we get here?
    2. From lost decade to decade of action: What are the needs going forward? Opportunities and barriers
  2. Reconnect to the new WHO Global Alcohol Action Plan (GAAP)
    1. Which priorities are arising from the GAAP? (World cloud)
    2. Which elements are relevant for communities?
  3. How to take this forward at community level?
    1. What is our vision for community change due to GAAP implementation? What do we want the world to look like by 2030? (Vision sentence map: “My vision for community change due to the GAAP is…”)
    2. Why does community involvement and participation matter?
    3. Connect to global and national levels: what is the global review mechanism and how can local communities be part?
    4. Developing a tool-kit for local action


  • Facilitate community ownership of the implementation of the WHO Global Alcohol Action Plan
  • Connect global, national, and local alcohol policy development processes
  • Develop accountability mechanism driven by communities
  • Solidify the role and place of community action on alcohol policy making at all levels