Joint Event: Lessons For Alcohol Policy From the Coronavirus Crisis: Potential and Challenges For Building Back Better

May 27 '21, 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

The event is jointly organized by the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, Movendi International, NCD Alliance and PAHO.
The coronavirus crisis has brought into sharp focus the burden alcohol harms places on health systems in particular and societies in general. The pandemic has also shown that evidence-based alcohol policy interventions are impactful in protecting people and promoting health system functioning. But the alcohol industry is also attempting to exploit the crisis for their commercial benefits.
Major reports have provided unique and timely insights into these lethal interactions between alcohol and COVID-19.
Key guidance from the World Health Organization has provided guidance to people and member states on how to prevent and reduce alcohol harm during the pandemic and how to get through the crisis better through alcohol control.