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  • FriJan 242020

  • Romania: Alcohol Problems Among Youth

    Youth in Romania are experiencing significant alcohol problems.
    A new study found Romanian youth aged between 18 and 24 pay the most for alcohol. For example they spend 17 times more on alcohol than on culture. RON 70 (€15) was spent on alcohol while only RON 4 (less than €1) was spent on culture.
    According to the study, several criteria affect how much youth spend on alcohol. This includes, price, brand and advertisements…

  • ThuJan 232020

  • Vietnam: Alcohol Laws Achieve Decline in Beer Sales

    New alcohol laws in Vietnam achieve a decline in beer sales.
    The new Alcohol Harm Prevention law was passed by the National Assembly on June 14, 2019 and came into effect in the beginning of 2020. Among other provisions the law included a ban on driving under the influence of alcohol. From January 1st, a zero-tolerance policy for driving under the influence of alcohol is active in Vietnam.
    The new law was adopted to change Vietnam’s pervasive alcohol norm, where alcohol consumption is common before operating road traffic vehicles – and where road traffic accidents are a leading killer. According to data from the World Health Organization, more than 30% of traffic accidents among men in Vietnam are due alcohol…

  • WedJan 222020

  • Growing Attention for (Alcohol) Taxation

    There is a growing attention for alcohol taxation with increasing evidence showing the effectiveness of alcohol taxes to not only reduce alcohol harm but boost revenue and fund development. Across the globe countries and international bodies such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are understanding the need to use taxation for domestic resource mobilization…

  • Finland: Alcohol Harm Is Rising (Again)

    Alcohol harm in Finland is rising again. The positive downward trend for alcohol consumption and harm since 2008 stopped in 2018. Now, it seems alcohol harm has started to increase in the country. Finland changed their alcohol control laws in April 2018 through a new Alcohol Act. This act made alcohol more available in the country…

  • TueJan 212020

  • UK: Calls to Tax High Sugar in Alcopops

    Calls for tax increase on alcopops are made as analysis shows these products contain high amounts of sugar. Alcopops are the products that the alcohol industry uses to recruit consumers among youth and young adults. They have become increasingly popular in recent years. Pre-mixed and “ready to drink” spirits sold in supermarkets are packed with excessive sugar and hidden calories. These products have been found to contain up to nine teaspoons of sugar in just 250ml, according to experts. They are now urging the British government to subject these alcopops to the sugary drinks tax…

  • Media’s Sober Curiosity in 2020

    With the dawn of the new decade, sober curiosity in the media and wider society has reached new heights. Ranging from Dry January stories, or covering the sober curious movement to inspiring stories about people who went alcohol-free and/ or overcame their alcohol use problems, the topic of the alcohol-free way of life has been in focus. While this public discourse across much of the Western world is very positive, there are also reasons for scepticism and concern…

  • FriJan 172020

  • Scotland: Economic Impact of MUP

    A study commissioned by NHS Health Scotland, into the effects of minimum unit pricing (MUP) policy in the country found it had a modest economic impact. Scotland was the first country to implement MUP measures for alcohol. The policy increased the prices of cheap and high alcohol content beverages. The alcohol industry aggressively lobbied against this measure before its adoption. But the new study has found the industry was only affected modestly from MUP. A drop in demand for some products has been offset by increased prices and retailers have adapted to the changes.
    According to the study, no retailers or producers had reported reducing staff numbers or investment as a result of MUP…

  • ThuJan 162020

  • Big Focus on Alcohol-Free Lifestyle to Start 2020

    From Dry January, to the growing sober curious movement and increasing demand for alcohol-free choice, there is increasingly big attention on the alcohol-free way of life in the beginning of 2020.
    Dry January began in the United Kingdom many years ago with just 4000 people, but now it’s gaining traction around the world. But the increasing attention to and interest in the alcohol-free way of life and its benefits extends beyond Dry January…

  • WedJan 152020

  • USA: Alcohol Deaths (in Women) Rise Sharply

    Alcohol deaths rise sharply in the United States, specifically among women.
    Factors that play into this development are deregulation of alcohol by the federal government, the systematic effort of the alcohol industry to recruit more women as consumers and demographic development with alcohol-related illnesses presenting more in aging baby boomers who have consumed more alcohol in their lifetime…

  • TueJan 142020

  • Sydney, Australia: Lockout Laws Weakened

    Sydney’s lockout laws will be removed in CBD from January 14, 2020. The changes will affect all venues in Sydney’s CBD including Oxford Street but the laws will remain in place in Kings Cross.
    The lockout laws – which came into effect in 2014 – included measures such as 1:30 AM last entry and 3:00 AM last serving of alcohol. Both have been scrapped for Sydney’s CBD.
    The NSW government has watered down the laws, by taking out the last entry measure and extending last serving to 3:30 AM. To further weaken alcohol policy measures, liquor shop hours have been increased from 11:00 PM to midnight…

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