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Another Big Year For White Christmas, Sweden

Another Big Year For White Christmas Campaign, Sweden

White Christmas (VIT JUL) is a campaign run by the IOGT-NTO movement in Sweden with the purpose to give all children a white Christmas, i.e. Christmas holidays free from alcohol.

In 2016, the Vit Jul campaign was able to receive 25.000 pledges from grown-ups to spend the Christmas holidays alcohol-free, for the sake of children. That number is impressive but lower than last year.

However, the campaign achieved a new milestone with a record number of activities conducted all across Sweden. More than 250 activities by local IOGT-NTO, UNF, JUNIS and NSF clubs around the country were conducted to provide happy, safe and enabling environments for children and young people.

Activities ranged from baking cinnamon biscuits to role plays, from Christmas trips and Christmas tree decorating.

Source Website: Vit Jul (Swedish)