Ghana: VALD Selected For Advocacy Accelerator Program

IOGT International member organization Vision for Alternative Development (VALD) has been selected to participate in the advocacy accelerator program, run by the NCD Alliance.

The NCD Alliance’s Advocacy Institute is a newly launched initiative designed to support and strengthen national and regional NCD civil society action. Over the coming three years, it will cultivate NCD civil society networks via the Seed Programme and accelerate and fast track advocacy efforts via the Accelerator Programme.

VALD, from Ghana, is among the selected Seed Programme partners from emerging NCD alliances and civil society.

Advocacy Accelerator Program

The programme partner will be the primary country contact for the NCD Alliance and will be the organization responsible for:

  • Program deliverables including in-country civil society coalition building activities for NCDs
  • Active participation in the three in-person training sessions that form part of the program, including the completion of three assignments
  • Contributions to virtual exchange and knowledge sharing with other programme partners throughout the three-year program.
  • Submission of a seed grant proposal for a clearly defined and achievable project tailored to the national context.

The NCD Advocacy Institute Seed Program is a new NCD Alliance capacity development program aimed at supporting and strengthening national civil society advocacy efforts in Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria, Mozambique and Ghana. The three-year programme will aim to promote national NCD coalition-building and establish the foundations for effective civil society advocacy. The program’s support will include training, mentoring, technical assistance, grant support and attendance at the Global NCD Alliance Forum.

The NCD Advocacy Institute’s Seed Programme is a three-year programme that aims to:

  1. Support the establishment of national NCD alliances or networks in selected countries
  2. Strengthen the knowledge and skills required to run effective and sustainable NCD alliances by providing training that addresses key needs
  3. Nurture national NCD civil society with seed grant opportunities and technical assistance designed to support coalition building and nascent advocacy efforts
  4. Promote peer support and CSO networking to exchange information, best practice and lessons learned online and in person
  5. Strengthen advocacy knowledge and skills through training, networking and technical assistance.

Source Website: NCD Alliance