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IOGT Iceland Collaborates to Help Kids in Need

IOGT Iceland Collaborates to Help Kids in Need

Heart-driven members at IOGT Iceland have established cooperation with Barnaheill, Save the Children in Iceland to donate restored bikes to kids who can not get a bike otherwise. Giving bikes is a way of promoting a healthy lifestyle among today’s children.

Barnaheill cooperates with Sorpa waste management company, which receives bikes at its recycling centers. At all six recycling centers, there are special containers. The public is encouraged to donate bikes that are no longer in use.

The bicycles are then transported to a building to which Barnaheill has access, where they are restored, partly with the help of volunteers. Help is given by individuals and the bicycling clubs of companies.

Since the project was launched seven years ago, more than 2,000 bikes have been given to children and youngsters who otherwise wouldn’t be able to own one. This year, 250 applications for bikes were received from children of all ages and diverse backgrounds.

After the giving away process is completed the left over restored bikes are sold as a way of funding the project.

So far, all who have applied for a bike have received one, and the goal is to keep it that way,” said  Linda Hrönn Þórisdóttir, project manager for Barnaheill, as per iceland monitor.

Source Website: iceland monitor