Junis, Sweden: 300 People Trained to Talk About Alcohol Addiction with Children

Ludde the dog teaches more adults to chat with children about alcohol problems. Junis, Movendi International member organization from Sweden, developed the education material ‘Ludde’ in order to teach adults. So far, 300 people have completed the ‘Ludde’ training.

The educational tool ‘Ludde’ features stories of a puppy named Ludde to help adults to talk with young children about alcohol problems and addiction. The tool was launched in spring 2019. It helps adults to talk to children about addiction which is a difficult topic for adults to discuss with children.

The material was first launched to general school teachers and primary school teachers. But, the target group has been broadened to include social secretaries, curators, school nurses, support activities and non-profits meeting children in their activities.

The Ludde material itself has also expanded. Ludde originally comes from Switzerland and four more stories have been translated to Swedish. In the handbook aimed at adults, Junis has also added more perspectives, for those who work in school/ preschool and for those who work with social and health promotion work – as well as for those in non-profit associations.

An important new addition is the “enjoy card” which helps to map out who is in Ludde’s vicinity and whom he trusts, such as teachers and friends. This helps to identify which adults are in children’s vicinity that the children like and trust. 

At least 300 people have completed our education for Ludde. It has increased tremendously, just since the end of 2019. We have got some momentum with it now,” said Gabriella Degerfält Hygrell, project manager for the Ludde material, as per Accent.

The training for the ‘Ludde’ material will continue to be free during 2020. A classroom package (which contains physical and digital material) costs SEK 200.