The Arusha NGO Network (ANGONET) gathers 100 civil society and community-based organizations in the Arusha region of Tanzania.

ANGONET’s vision is seeing CSOs with capabilities to respond to community needs and rights. Its mission is to join and link efforts and experiences of individual CSOs by strengthening their capacity to deal effectively with community development, policy research and advocacy and other emerging issues and problems in and outside Arusha in Tanzania.

ANGONET’s areas of focus are:

  • Capacity Strengthening: Build technical capacity of individual CSOs and other stakeholders in development.
  • Policy Research and Advocacy: Undertake policy research, and advocacy on issues of interest to individual CSOs and the general public.
  • Linking, collaboration and networking: Facilitate sharing and flow of information among CSOs, linkages with other institutions and build relationships that add value to the organizations and communities.

ANGONET engages in policy advocacy, promoting human rights, democracy and governance at grassroots, district, national, regional and international levels. ANGONET is actively advocating for equal community development and mainstreaming gender, peace and security and health issues. Prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration as well as treatment are key priorities of ANGONET.