Governments of the ASEAN political and economic community in South-East Asia have committed to joint efforts for preventing harm caused by illicit drugs in the region. Part of the effort is to establish Asean-Narco, based at the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) in Thailand.

Asean Narcotics Cooperation Centre (Asean-Narco)  will be established to tackle narcotics trafficking in the ASEAN+3 region by sharing information, preventing crimes and suppressing drug-related activities.

The processes of the joint initiative are divided into three phases:

  1. Focus on building a network among countries to secure information, create an “Asean Drug Report” and set an agenda for resolutions.
  2. Further develop the cooperation, so countries could set guidelines for information linkage as well as related procedure and coordination to ensure sustainability and consistency.
  3. Develop a database to help monitor and continuously develop cooperation among countries, which would lead to the establishment of a “Centre of Excellence”.