Experts in Rwanda warn: Alcohol During Pregnancy Is a Recipe for Disaster. Experts say alcohol has adverse effects on pregnant women and has also got the potential to prevent women from getting pregnant.


“The baby’s body is formed during the first three months hence alcohol consumed during this period can result in physical abnormalities in the child like neural tube defects and the most severe result of alcohol use is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), a lifelong condition characterized by poor growth (in the womb, after birth, or both), abnormal facial features and damage to the central nervous system,” Dr. David Mwesigye, a gynecologist, said.

Dr Mwesigye said this problem occurs because alcohol passes from the mother to the fetus through the placenta and the liver of the fetus is not mature enough to metabolize it properly. Apart from the effects mentioned above, alcohol intake can also increase the risk of miscarriages and stillbirth.


Source Website: All Africa

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