Marijuana legalisers and proponents are pushing a false narrative and are spinning the truth in order to gain traction among California voters for yet another attempt at legalising a harmful substance…

Marijuana legalisers push false narrative. In a frank article, recently published in the Los Angeles Times, George Skelton calls out legalisation lobbyists.

 […] one old tale they’re spinning is pure bunk.”

Skelton quotes law enforcement officer to emphasise the point that none is jailed (anymore) for merely smoking a joint.

In prisons, only about three-tenths of 1% of the total inmate population is incarcerated for a marijuana offense.

Of total California felony arrests last year, according to the state attorney general, just 3% were on any marijuana charge. And for misdemeanor arrests, it was less than 1%.

But still, ending the ‘failed drug war,’ focusing on the ‘real criminals’ and ‘unclogging the courts’ is one of the pot pushers’ favorite arguments, no matter how rooted in falsehood.”

Skelton continues to debunk another “disingenuous spin” by the legalisations lobbyists: the use of the word recreational.

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