Australia: Surgeons, Police For Lockout Laws

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons wants lockout laws to be adopted in Northern Territory (NT). Assaults could be reduced if the Northern Territory Government adopted interstate 1am lockout laws.

The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons has renewed calls for earlier lockout times.

Ultimately it is surgeons and other medical professionals who see first-hand the extent of the problem,” the college’s trauma committee chair John Crozier said.

In an election year I encourage both the Government and the opposition to consult the evidence base.

It is increasingly showing that earlier closing times consistently reduce assaults and emergency department attendances, and are a crucial part of managing alcohol-related violence.”

Laws were passed in Queensland last week which include the introduction of a 1am one-way door policy and 2am last alcohol serving. Evidence shows that assaults decreased by 32% in Kings Cross and 26% in the Sydney CBD after lockouts were introduced in February 2014.

Research clearly shows that for every additional hour of trading after midnight, there is a 16-20% increase in violence. For every hour of reduced trading there is a 20% reduction in violence.

The Northern Territory Police Association has also thrown its support behind tighter licensing laws.

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