EURO 2016, the European football championships taking place in France this month, is delivering more examples for the fact that football and alcohol do not belong together:

England fans are filmed while mocking refugee children in France as they pay one child to down a whole pint of beer and have other children scramble over coins.

A small group of young street children, aged between seven and nine, were repeatedly goaded by England fans under the influence of alcohol amid more ugly scenes at Euro 2016 in Lille.

Eyewitnesses watched the children being forced to carry out a number of humiliating tasks in return for small change.

The Telegraph reports and provides the film footage:

Football fans were seen throwing coins at young children and reports surfaced of the children being forced to down pints of beer and even fight. One eyewitness said:

It’s horrible to watch. The children kept going back to the same group.

At one point one of the English lads picked one of the boys up and swung him around. Then others threw change at the kids. It’s so insulting.”

Paris Correspondent for the Financial Times Michael Stothard posted a picture of a small boy who he tweeted had been encouraged to down a pint of lager for money.

The Telegraph further reports that there were other unconfirmed news that children were paid to brawl each other, with the winner taking cash.