Uganda: Proposed Alcohol Bill Hangs In Balance

MP Nambooze’s Proposed Alcohol Bill Hangs in Balance as Ugandan Parliament Fails to Table Law

Uganda suffers from a high burden of alcohol harm that poses a massive obstacle to development of the country. In that context, Members of Parliament lead by Hon. Betty Nambooze proposed a new alcohol control bill.

Yesterday, October 5, 2016, the scheduled debate was set to take place in Parliament.

However, civil society, public health experts, activities for sustainable development all watched Parliamentary deliberations in increasing disbelief as several MPs led by Hon. Odonga Otto and Hon Kasibante relentlessly worked to block the bill from being introduced in the first place.

Odonga Otto, the Aruu South County, Member of Parliament, said he had failed to understand the urgency of the bill, adding that MP Nambooze seems to concentrate on the known effects of alcohol – according to reports by URN.

David Kalema, Chairperson of the Uganda Alcohol Policy, said:

It is perplexing that they were armed to destroy the bill before it was even presented and disregarded scientific evidence for this law…”

Mr. Kalema urges citizens and civil society activists to continue to follow the debate and

… judge for yourselves if some MPs really have our country’s and most importantly our children’s best interest at heart.”

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Source Website: URN