Report: Alcohol, Hidden Kilojoules, Cancer

Cancer Council releases report on hidden kilojoules in alcohol

New figures released by Cancer Council Victoria, Australia have found that a few alcoholic drinks after work could equal half a day’s energy intake.

For the report, Cancer Council Victoria analysed a variety of popular alcoholic beverages and the amount of kilojoules per serve found in them. The results show that several of the alcoholic products exceeded 1,000kjs – which is comparable to a slice of takeaway pizza or a Mars Bar.

For example, one can of rum and cola or one drink of vodka and citrus contains around 1,000kJ. That means having four or more of these amount to no less than 4,000kJs added to the energy intake.

To put it into perspective, 4,000kJs is the equivalent of eating either 20 chicken nuggets, 12 chocolate Paddle Pop ice-creams, three and a half cheeseburgers or five bowls of Froot Loops with milk,” experts explain.

The findings show how kilojoules from alcohol can quickly add up over the course of a night, a week or a month. Cancer Council Victoria Head of Prevention Craig Sinclair said six out of ten Victorian adults are consuming alcohol at levels that put them at risk of cancer down the road due to the weight gain.

Source Website: Eyewitness News