Burundi: The Burundi Alcohol Policy Alliance, a national network of civil society organizations for the evidence-based regulation of alcohol, has issued an urgent call for increased national alcohol control efforts…

Burundi: BAPA Calls For National Alcohol Control Efforts

Between Christmas and New Year, the Burundi Alcohol Policy Alliance (BAPA) has called on the government and parliament in Burundi to introduce legislation regulating the production, distribution, consumption and marketing of alcoholic beverages. BAPA is a coalition of eight civil society associations with the mission to empower decision-makers to better tackle the country’s alcohol problems.

We need a law regulating the consumption, marketing and manufacture of alcoholic beverages,” said Séraphine Manirambona, Chairwoman of BAPA.

There should be a law protecting children under 18 against consuming alcohol. For example, competent authorities should make a decision prohibiting bartenders from serving alcoholic beverages to minors.”

Manirambona calls on the Burundian people to welcome this law once it is passed.

For BAPA, the objective of alcohol control legislation is not to prohibit adults alcohol consumption, but rather to help the country as a whole to reduce and prevent the damage caused by alcohol – which poses a major obstacle to sustainable development.

Source Website: All Africa