Canada: Teens Use Marijuana To Self-Medicate

Canadian Youth Perceptions on Cannabis, 2017

The teen years are a high-stress, often anxiety riddled time, and research shows that young Canadians admit to turning to marijuana to cope.

Disconnect between science and perception

A new study based on cross-country focus groups found that teens are turning to marijuana to self-medicate. But experts worry they don’t always know all the risks.

There’s this disconnect between what the scientific research shows and the thoughts and perceptions among young people,” said Amy Porath, director of research and policy at the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA).

Adverse health effects

Evidence shows growing acceptance around using marijuana, for both recreational and medicinal purposes, as Canada prepares to legalize the drug. But marijuana use in youth carries greater, long-term risks.

Young people are vulnerable as a group as well because of their ongoing brain development, according to Porath.

Until about 20 to 25, their brains are still undergoing significant maturation and development.”

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Report: Teens Turn To Marijuana To Self-Medicate For Stress, Anxiety, by Canadian Center for Substance Abuse, 2017

Source Website: Global News Canada