UK: Alcohol-Related Deaths in 2015

New UK Data: Alcohol-Related Deaths in 2015

In 2015, there were 8,758 alcohol-related deaths in the UK, an age-standardised rate of 14.2 deaths per 100,000 population.

The statistics suggest that the prevalence of alcohol-related deaths has remained relatively stable over recent years.

However, on a sub-UK level, it is notable that Scotland, the area with the highest numbers of alcohol-related deaths, has also seen the fastest reductions in mortality in recent years.” Dr Annie Campbell, Health Analysis and Life Events, Office for National Statistics.

For the UK as a whole, alcohol-related death rates have not changed in recent years, but the rate in 2015 is still higher than that observed in 1994.

The majority of alcohol-related deaths (65%) in the UK in 2015 were among males.

For both males and females, rates of alcohol-related death were highest in those aged 55 to 64 years in 2015.

Scotland remains the UK constituent country with the highest rate of alcohol-related deaths in 2015; yet, Scotland has also seen the largest decrease in its rates since they peaked in the early 2000s.

Source Website: Office for National Statistics (ONS)