USA: Shopping While Intoxicated on Rise

A new survey reveals Americans keep spending more money while shopping under the influence of alcohol. The figure had increased by almost $10 billion last year.

About 2000 Americans were surveyed by Finder to discover shopping habits while intoxicated from alcohol. Over a quarter of Americans were found to shop while being intoxicated. A total of $39.4 billion was spent over the last 12 months by Americans who were intoxicated from alcohol. The average amount spent by a person has increased by over 65% from last year’s survey.

Despite the increased spending while under the influence of alcohol, the number of people who were giving into these shopping urges has dropped by about 20%.

Millennials – while consuming less alcohol than baby boomers and Gen Xers – spent the biggest amounts while intoxicated at an average of $1047. Further, men were found to be more likely to shop and spend more money than women while under the influence of alcohol.

Most important, if this is an ongoing problem, consider evaluating your relationship with alcohol. Nothing is worth tarnishing your personal and financial well-being,” said Dix-Kessler from Finder, as per WIBW.

Alcohol Harm in USA

© WHO Global Alcohol Status Report 2018

The per capita consumption for alcohol consumers in America is higher than the average consumption of alcohol in the region. Heavy episodic alcohol consumption of American youth between 15 to 19 years is also rather high for both sexes and specifically high for males at 60%.

New SAFER Initiative Launched At United Nations

In this view, the country could benefit from implementing regulations on alcohol taxation, alcohol availability as well as on alcohol advertising, promotions and sponsorship, which are recommended by WHO through the ‘SAFER’ package, to curtail the alcohol harm, specifically on American youth.

Source Website: WIBW