Cambodia: New Calls To Regulate Alcohol Ads

Cambodia: New Calls To Regulate Alcohol Ads

Cambodia Movement for Health (CMH) and lawyers call for laws regulating alcohol advertisements. This call comes amidst increase in youth alcohol consumption in the country.

According to CMH, alcohol companies spend large amounts of money on alcohol marketing. For example, the alcohol industry uses competitions which offer prizes such as money, cars, motorbikes, flight tickets, trips and beer. CMH says this encourages the public including youth and children to consume alcohol. These advertisements and promotions are cited as the main cause for increasing consumption of alcohol by young people, by Dr. Mom King, the Executive Director of CMH. He called on the government to formulate laws and regulations that restrict the scope of alcohol marekting.

Alcohol advertising is the main reason why people consume a lot of alcohol and even start [using] at an early age. When people consume more alcohol, accidents and diseases associated with [alcohol] also increase and result in the loss of human resources, especially youth who are the backbone of the nation.” said Dr. Mom King, the Executive Director of CMH, as per Khmer Times.

Alcohol Harm in Cambodia

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The per capita consumption of alcohol in Cambodia shows a growing trend. Over half  of boys (51%) between 15 to 19 years binge on alcohol. Cambodia suffers significantly from alcohol related health consequences and is rated at the highest for years of life lost due to alcohol.

There is a large gap in effective preventive and alcohol control policy measures within the country.

Policy measures such as regulation of alcohol advertising is one of the 3 best buys for alcohol control recommended by WHO. Implementation of recommended alcohol control policy measures is necessary, if Cambodia is to overcome the growing harm caused by alcohol in the country.

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Source Website: Khmer Times