Cancer Risk Top Reason to Quit Alcohol

Cancer Risk Top Reason to Quit Alcohol

Cancer risk is the top incentive to quit up alcohol use and smoking, new research shows.

Half of smokers would quit cigarettes if they knew the increased risk of mouth cancer that it causes. 40% of alcohol users would quit alcohol consumption if they knew the increased risks.

Cancer risk

More than a third of smokers are unaware smoking increases their oral cancer risks. 50% of alcohol users are unaware of the fact that alcohol use increases cancer risks.

Alcohol And Cancer

Smoking and alcohol consumption are the two biggest contributors to oral cancer and consuming both trebles the cancer risk.

If you are going to do one thing for Mouth Cancer Action Month, make sure you know the basics,” said Catherine Rutland, head dental officer at Simplyhealth, who carried out the survey with the Oral Health Foundation.

Source Website: Dentistry UK