Week #50 Global Alcohol Policy Round-Up


Welcome to another week of carefully curated alcohol policy news, latest science updates, Big Alcohol revelations, a new special feature about alcohol as obstacle for the SDGs as well as upcoming event announcements.

Content for week 50

Alcohol policy updates provide insights into:

  • New WHO technical package for alcohol policy released,
  • People consider alcohol increasingly unimportant in Scandinavia,
  • Cambodia is set to tackle NCDs and risk factors with development assistance from Russia,
  • In the United States, alcohol-related deaths are rising.

Fresh science updates are about:

  • The case for prioritizing action on alcohol for health and development,
  • New Japanese study shows any alcohol raises cancer risk,
  • Cancer risk is shown to be top reason to quit alcohol,
  • A new study has found that alcohol and tobacco control policy reduces cancer deaths in Australia.

The Big Alcohol monitor exposes:

  • France: The Difficult Case of Dry January,
  • Australia: Big Alcohol Claims Pregnancy Warning Too Costly,
  • Netherlands: Brewers Incentivize Heavy Student Alcohol Use.

Special features:

New report about alcohol as obstacle to development shows that 14 of 17 SDGs are adversely affected and illustrates how alcohol hinder the achievement of sustainable development all dimensions of the 2030 Agenda.

Upcoming events alert you to:

  • Register for GAPC 2020, and
  • Save the date for summerLEAHP 2020.

WHO: New Technical Guide for Alcohol Policy

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a brand new technical document guiding alcohol policy formulation. The new technical guide comprises the five most cost-effective and high-impact strategies that help governments to prevent and reduce alcohol harm and related health, social and economic consequences.

The new technical package is part of WHO’s work with the SAFER initiative and provides another important tool for policy-makers to step up their efforts in formulating and implementing evidence-based, cost-effective and high-impact alcohol policy solutions. Get the full story here…

Scandinavia: People Consider Alcohol Unimportant

People in Scandinavia increasingly consider alcohol unimportant in their lives. Two stories from Sweden and Norway show that fewer and fewer people have preferences for alcohol, but still the alcohol norm persists. Get the full story here…

Cambodia: Russia to Support NCDs Control Efforts

Russia is set to support NCDs prevention and control efforts in Cambodia. The estimated death rate from NCDs in Cambodia is currently about 56%, or approximately half of all deaths in the country. Get the full story here…

USA: Alcohol-Related Deaths Rising

Two new studies have found that life expectancy in the USA is decreasing with rising alcohol-related deaths. Get to the full story here…

“Prioritising action on alcohol for health and development”

Solutions for Prevention and Control of Non-communicable Diseases

Read the complete study here…

“Light to Moderate Amount of Lifetime Alcohol Consumption and Risk of Cancer in Japan”

Research article

Read the complete study here…

Cancer Risk Top Reason to Quit Alcohol

Cancer risk is the top incentive to quit up alcohol use and smoking, new research shows.

Half of smokers would quit cigarettes if they knew the increased risk of mouth cancer that it causes. 40% of alcohol users would quit alcohol consumption if they knew the increased risks.

Read the complete study here…

“Can Public Health Policies on Alcohol and Tobacco Reduce a Cancer Epidemic? Australia’s Experience”

Research article

Find the complete study here…

France: The Difficult Case of Dry January

In France the case of dry January has been difficult from since the day it was proposed and even before plans were set. The French National Association of Prevention of Alcoholism and Addictions has been pushing for a “Dry January” campaign in France following the one in UK which has helped 4 million people reduce alcohol use.

Get to the full story here…

Australia: Big Alcohol Claims Pregnancy Warning Too Costly

The newest strategy of Big Alcohol against pregnancy warning in Australia is claims that the label is too costly. Since Food Standard Australia and New Zealand released a draft label for alcohol bottles with pregnancy warning, the industry has been fighting hard against it.

Get the full story here…

Netherlands: Brewers Incentivize Heavy Student Alcohol Use

Brewers in the Netherlands are giving incentives to student’s associations and promoting heavy alcohol use among students.Major brewers are offering student unions a large number of discounts which depend on how much alcohol they serve within a year. For example the ‘hectolitre bonus’ can be as high as 75% of the wholesale price if consumption is high enough.A research by RTV Noord found that one fraternity organisation in Groningen received a €45,000 bonus for €60,000 worth of beer, paying €15,000 for a year’s supply.

Get the full story here…

New Resource: How Alcohol Affects The SDGs

IOGT International has released an upgraded and revised resource to present state-of-the-art evidence about how alcohol affects sustainable development.

The brand new booklet illustrates for the first time that alcohol adversely affects 14 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and presents extensive scientific prove that all dimensions of the 2030 Agenda are impacted by alcohol as obstacle to development.

Download the brand new and upgraded booklet here…

The 6th Global Alcohol Policy Conference 2020 (GAPC 2020)

GAPC 2020 Theme

“Alcohol, Equity and Global Health: the benefit of alcohol control for sustainable development for all.”

This theme maintains the tradition of focusing on advocacy, overcoming vested interests in alcohol policy development and the need for international collaboration to stop the harm caused by alcohol.

GAPC 2020 Registration

Follow this link to the registration website.

Deadline for early bird registration is January 10, 2020.


summerLEAHP 2020

The Summer Leadership Academy for Alcohol Harm Prevention 2020

summerLEAHP 2020 is a groundbreaking summer program driven by the students themselves in interactive sessions, facilitated by some of the world’s leading experts and activists in the fields of prevention, science, advocacy, communications, and leadership.

summerLEAHP 2020 is a unique hub for youth leaders to develop and enhance their skills, knowledge and capacities in leadership, communication, and advocacy for better and healthier environments for youth.

Source Website: IOGT International Keep Informed