NYC: Interest in Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Growing

Interest in leading an alcohol-free lifestyle is growing in New York City.

Nightlife in New York City has become more inclusive for all interested in staying sober, with the number of alcohol free-spaces, sober bars and customers looking for booze-free possibilities growing in the city that never sleeps. There are many choices for alcohol-free spaces, from dry bars to booze-free pop up parties. Recently the city opened its first dry hipster bar.

What we really serve is music and conversation,”said Lorelei Bandrovschi, founder of Listen Bar, a booze-free pop-up bar in Brooklyn, as per, Sober Nation.

Bandrovschi aim is to re-write nightlife beyond alcohol.

The growing interest in alcohol-free lifestyle choices is in line with the changing attitudes of young people who are increasingly shifting away from alcohol and choosing healthier, alcohol-free ways of life. According to a 2018 report by beverage-market analyzer IWSR, Americans are using less alcohol comparative to before.

USA: Sober Curious Movement Growing

As we change our diet, work out regularly and adopt other wellness practices, it becomes harder to reconcile the way alcohol really makes us feel” said Ruby Warrington, founder of Club Soda in NYC, as per Sober Nation.

Club Soda – short for Sober or Debating Abstinence – is a space for those that are sober and those debating the “sober conscious” lifestyle to remove the stigma that exists around sobriety and alcohol use problems. The club has meet-ups, panels, workshops and even happy hours free from booze at sober bars.

Source Website: Sober Nation