Week 11, March 9 – 15, 2020

Welcome to another week of carefully curated highlights from Alcohol Policy News, Latest Science Digest, and Big Alcohol Watch.

This week’s special feature deals with digital alcohol trade.

Worldwide Alcohol Policy News

  1. Sweden: Systembolaget Ranks Highest For Public Trust.
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  2. Women’s Health and Rights: Alcohol Harm Major Blind Spot.
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  3. Kenya: Increase in Advertising Regulation.
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  4. Historic Wales: MUP Comes Into Force.
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Worldwide Latest Science Digest

  1. “USA: Reducing Alcohol Availability, Reduces Violence”
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  2. “Older Women Perceive Their Alcohol Use Less Harmful Than It Is”
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  3. “DNA Repair Mechanism Links Alcohol And Cancer”
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  4. “Already Young Adolescents Hold Beverage- And Gender-Specific Alcohol Expectancies”
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Worldwide Big Alcohol Watch

  1. Ugly New Big Alcohol Trend: Spiking Childhood Drinks
  2. Ireland: Big Alcohol Lobbying Onslaught Exposed
  3. UK: Big Alcohol Fails Labeling Update

Special Feature: Digital Alcohol Trade Needs Better Regulation

Alcohol retail and marketing has proliferated on digital media with the rise of smartphones, social media, delivery services and apps, and high-speed internet connections at the disposal of most people. Digital alcohol retail and delivery as well as marketing undermine existing alcohol regulations, increasing alcohol availability and exposure to promotions.

But public policy-making has been slow to respond and to better regulate the alcohol industry in the digital space.

  1. Australia: Health Experts Support Laws Regulating On-Demand Liquor Delivery
  2. Sweden: Government Takes Action Against Online Wine Trade
  3. Finland: Landmark Ruling on Distance Alcohol Sale

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