ADIC Sri Lanka, a Movendi International member organization, released brand new survey results on alcohol and tobacco use during the first COVID-19 lockdown in the country.
As part of national measures to control the spread of the coronavirus in the first wave, alcohol outlets were closed and cigarette sales were restricted. This led to reduced availability of the two substances. ADIC’s survey found that the reduced availability led to 80% of alcohol users to reduce or quit alcohol use.

ADIC Sri Lanka conducted a survey in May, 2020. Later, the study results were presented at the “National Conference on COVID 19: Impact, Mitigation, Opportunities and Building Resilience” organized by National Science Foundation (NSF) in Sri Lanka, in January 2021.

Data was collected from over 2000 participants across the country. Men who were using alcohol and if they were married, their wives were included in the study.

The following key results regarding alcohol use were found in the study:

  • During the first COVID-19 lockdown in Sri Lanka, 80% of alcohol users reduced their use.
  • Out of the individuals who quit/reduced alcohol consumption during the first COVID-19 lockdown, 37% stated they were prepared to continue their change in the future, even after the situation normalizes.
  • The opinion of 84% of respondents who quit/ reduced alcohol consumption was that restrictions on alcohol availability were helpful in quitting/reducing their alcohol consumption.
  • According to the responses of wives of men who consume alcohol, 49% reported a reduction in family problems and,
  • 40% reported an increase in family savings, due to the husband reducing alcohol use. 
Reduced their alcohol use during COVID-19 first wave lockdown in Sri Lanka
A survey by ADIC Sri Lanka found that during the COVID-19 first wave lockdown, when alcohol outlets were closed, 80% of surveyed people who used alcohol reduced their use.

The study is evidence that reducing alcohol availability is effective in creating environments that are more conducive to healthy behavior, such quitting or reducing alcohol consumption. The situational influences during COVID-19 provided a chance to alcohol users to experience the benefits of changing their behavior – such as less family distress and better household finances.

Globally, the alcohol and tobacco industries are against sales regulations and reduced availability of their products because users will quit use by realizing that they can live without these substances and specifically by understanding that it is more comfortable to live free from these substances,” concludes ADIC Sri Lanka as per their press release.

ADIC Sri Lanka

Source Website: ADIC Sri Lanka