Germany’s professional football clubs have agreed on a unified approach to allow the return of fans into arenas when the 2020-2021 season kicks off: supporters of the visiting team will not be admitted to arenas, alcohol sales will be banned.

The 36 clubs of the German Football League (DFL) – Germany’s pro football governing body – have agreed on a unified approach to facilitate the return of at least some fans back into the arenas for the upcoming season. The agreement comprises an alcohol ban, no admission of away fans, the elimination of standing room in the arena, as well as the introduction of personalized tickets to better facilitate contact tracing of coronavirus infections chains.

Movendi International has recently reported about the plans of the DFL. The new agreement among the professional clubs of the first and second league are still subject to political decisions of elected leaders in the different federal states and municipalities. Bundesliga resumes on September 18 and the new agreement among the professional clubs means they signal preparedness in case health experts and political leaders deem the admission of spectators would not jeopardize coronavirus containment measures.

Alcohol availability as risk factor for coronavirus spread

Across Germany, cities and municipalities have instituted limits and bans on alcohol consumption in public. From Hamburg in the north to Bavaria in the south, addressing alcohol’s role in the spread of the coronavirus has become an important part of the solution to contain COVID-19 – especially since infections are rising, in part because of people returning home from vacation trips abroad and in part due to a decline in adherence to physical distancing and hygiene recommendations. The experience of cities is that the bans of alcohol consumption in public places are effective in supporting adherence to physical distancing rules, according to the Bayerischer Rundfunk.

A good policy response usually contains such prohibitions. It is of course a societal statement not to consume alcohol in public spaces,” says Tobias Rüther, addiction researcher at the University of Munich, as per BR24.

Tobias Rüther, psychiatrist and addiction researcher, University of Munich

Already in April, the World Health Organization released guidance for countries to enforce measures which limit alcohol consumption – and thus help fight the novel coronavirus.

Source Website: Spiegel Online