The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark announced via a press release that the Danish government will double its core contribution to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the wake of the United States announcing withdrawal of their contribution to WHO.

According to the press release, the government will allocate DKK 70 million to the WHO in the Finance Act for 2021, while in the Finance Act for last year, only DKK 35 million were allocated.

In addition to the contribution to WHO through the Finance Act, Denmark has during 2020 provided more than DKK 100 million in urgent contributions to the WHO. These contributions were made through development assistance and through the Danish aid packages. The funds have contributed to the WHO’s work to contain the coronavirus. In addition, they have been used to build health capacity in the world’s poorest countries.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for international cooperation in the health sector. Nevertheless, in May 2020, the Trump administration decided to announce the plan to end United States membership in the WHO and to withdraw its contributions to the WHO. Denmark is concerned about this decision and has thus decided to double its own contribution, thereby, taking global responsibility to strengthen health efforts across the world.

Viruses do not know national borders, which is why cooperation, knowledge sharing and local efforts around the world are so incredibly important – and that is why we also need a strong WHO,” said Rasmus Prehn, Minister for Development Aid in Denmark, as per Jyllands Posten.

Rasmus Prehn, Minister for Development Aid, Denmark

The Minister has reiterated the calls by Germany and France regarding the need for a stronger WHO. As Movendi International reported previously both Germany and France announced increasing their contributions to the WHO. They have also proposed reforms to strengthen the WHO to make the organization more efficient and effective in handling emergency crises.

Source Website: Jyllands Posten