The weekly Alcohol Issues Newsletter for week 47 with carefully curated alcohol policy news from four countries covering topics of alcohol policy development, alcohol availability and COVID-19 and growth in alcohol-free products; with the latest science digest covering two new WHO Europe factsheets and two scientific studies about alcohol policy option in Spain and youth alcohol use in high-income countries; and with Big Alcohol revelations about Big Beer’s investment into cannabis. The Special Feature this week provides resources for the recently launched WHO alcohol policy consultation…


Week 47, November 16 – November 20, 2020

Welcome to the weekly Alcohol Issues Newsletter with carefully curated alcohol policy news, a latest science digest, new Big Alcohol revelations, and a Special Feature as well as a new Special Event Alert to keep you in the know about the most important alcohol issues of week 47.

Alcohol issues from our Policy Newsfeed come from South Africa, Ireland, and the United States, covering topics of alcohol policy development and alcohol policy solutions to curb COVID-19; a fourth story deals with the growing momentum of alcohol-free products around the world…

Alcohol issues from our Science Digest cover two brand new factsheets released by WHO Europe and two scientific studies into the trends of youth alcohol use in high-income countries and policy options in Spain to prevent alcohol harm…

Alcohol issues from our Big Alcohol Watch reveal how Big Beer is pumping money into the emerging Big Marijuana and how Big Alcohol cashed in on the U.S. election…

This week, a new Special Feature is providing resources for the recently launched WHO consultation on a working document about an action plan to improve the implementation of the WHO Global Alcohol Strategy…

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Special Feature: 


Web-based consultation on the working document for development of the action plan to improve implementation of the WHO Global Alcohol Strategy.

The consultation has a very short time frame and runs from November 16 to December 6, 2020.

It is open to Member States, UN organizations and other international organizations, as well as non-State actors. All relevant feedback received will be published on the WHO website. 

Background to the consultation

Resources for consultation submission

As the civil society partner that has helped to usher in the decisions at the World Health Assembly in 2019 and the WHO Executive Board in 2018 that have now opened the opportunity for consultation, Movendi International provides a number of key resources to facilitate consultation submissions:

Understanding the global alcohol burden

  1. See our digest of the latest Global Burden of Disease study, here.
  2. Understand trajectories of alcohol consumption and whether or not global alcohol targets will be met, here.
  3. Explore alcohol as obstacle to development, here.

Understanding alcohol industry interference

  1. See our analysis of Big Alcohol’s fundamental conflict of interest, here.
  2. Understand the unethical strategies of the alcohol industry, here.

Understanding the options for the way forward

  1. See our analysis of WHO Global Alcohol Strategy implementation, here.
  2. Find our concrete proposals for the way forward, here.
  3. Read our case for a global binding treaty, here.

Episode 08 – The Alcohol Issues Podcast

For this eighth episode of the Alcohol Issues podcast we are bringing you an in-depth conversation with an inspiring guest and global leader for alcohol policy development and implementation, Maristela Monteiro. She is the Senior Advisor on Alcohol and Substance Abuse, in the Non Communicable Diseases and Mental Health department of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), headquartered in Washington, D.C., USA.
In the weekly alcohol issues update, we highlight three issues we think deserve special attention. In policy news we talk about the need to strengthen services for people with alcohol problems during the pandemic. In the science digest you get to hear about alcohol policy in former Soviet Union countries and its impact. And in the Big Alcohol Watch we discuss corporate capture of the government in the Northern Territory in Australia.

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